Cultural Interchange IÊALEMBRASIL


Cultural Interchange  

Cultural Interchange 

Meeting of peoples, dialogue among cultures... Brazil, Germany and Africa 

                                                           "when our ideas meet"

IÊALEMBRASIL:  Cultural Interchange

this is an interchange between Brazil and Germany in order to bring to the public in general and to the professionals in the area an exchange of cultural experiences.

Festival IÊALEMBRASIL  -  Video

IÊALEMBRASIL Afro-Brazilian Culture Festival and Cultural Interchange

A cultural web involving Brazil, Germany and Africa

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Documentary Iê Ação Cultural "Mestre Pim-Pim"

Topic: November - Month of Black Consciousness 

online program only - due to COVID-19 pandemic situation

"Hail Zumbi of Palmares - Hail Dandara"

due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, this year 2020, the Month of Black Consciousness will be held only through videos with subtopics refering to the central topic "Month of Black Consciousness", sent by our friend artists. All videos will be available on the site ... as a source for research or similar uses. 

01.11.2020 Ivanir dos Santos IÊALEMBRASIL 2020 

15.11.2020 Mestre Squisito IÊALEMBRASIL 2020  

22.11.2020 Projeto Iê Ação Cultural IÊALEMBRASIL 2020  

27.11.2020 Hervé Tcheumeleu IÊALEMBRASIL 2020 

04.11.2020 Vitor da Trindade IÊALEMBRASIL 2020 

18.11.2020 Antônio F. de Paula Junior IÊALEMBRASIL 2020   

23.11.2020 Letícia Bellato IÊALEMBRASIL 2020  

11° Festival de Cultura afro-brasileira IÊALEMBRASIL 2020

08.11.2020 Shirley Rodrigues IÊALEMBRASIL 2020 

20.11.2020 Beth Beli Ilú Obá de Min IÊALEMBRASIL 2020  

25.11.2020 Mestre Célio Gomes IÊALEMBRASIL 2020   

30.11.2020 Mestre Pim-Pim IÊALEMBRASIL 2020

Photo from the backyard of Quilombo dos Palmares

Teacher Curinga, from "Capoeira Group for Preservation of Mandinga"