Musician - "Mestre Pim-Pim"


Mestre Pim-Pim - Drums and Percussion

Júlio César Balbino is Mestre of Capoeira Angola and is member of the capoeira group Angola Chipaia de Ouro, based in the city of Riberão Preto, State of São Paulo. He is Arts teacher, percussionist musician and producer of cultural events; Since 2011 he's partner and member of the body of teachers at Africa Yetu e.V. from Angola with headquarter in Berlin; He's idealizer and coordinator of the Project Iê Ação Cultural, promoting activities related to the struggle for cultural resistance of the black population;Idealizer of the "1st Percussion Meeting of Ribeirão Preto"; General coordinator of IÊALEMBRASIL Cultural Interchange involving Brazil, Africa and Germany, that takes place since 2011; Idealizer, general director, editor and designer of the magazine IÊALEMBRASIL MAGAZIN and the magazine IÊ AÇÃO MAGAZIN, distributed free of charge in Germany, Angola and Brazil; Director and teacher of the Cultural Center IÊALEMBRASIL e. V., based in Berlin.