Centro Iê Ação Cultural Zumbi dos Palmares

Workshops, lectures, cultural exchange and activities

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Activities Iê Ação 

Centro Iê Ação Cultural Zumbi dos Palmares

Ribeirão Preto-SP Brazil   -   Berlin Germany
  1. Center of studies and practice of Capoeira Angola
  2. Comprehensive and specific study for general percussion and various ethnic instruments.
  3. Workshops, lectures, shows, seminars, study groups and culture exchange.
  4. Accompaniment and monitoring in physical exercises.
  5. String Instrument Classes and Music Theory Classes.
  6. Vocal technique and group study for Choir
  7. Afro-Brazilian popular dance classes
  8. Workshops and projects in support of refugees in Germany

Centro Iê Ação Cultural Zumbi dos Palmares:

All activities that are created and carried out by Centro Iê Ação Cultural Zumbi dos Palmares have as their main focus, to expand the vision of people who do not know about social and cultural problems of Brazil due to racial ethnic discrimination. Strategic projects are carried out in which the participants are given indirect or direct visibility of these problems. Also are presented and collectively discussed ideas, so that it is possible to create actions in different groups, with the sole purpose of doing something in favor of people who are marginalized and excluded in society. The same format has been used by the Center Iê Ação Cultural  Zumbi dos Palmares in Berlin, since 2011. (research link: Sobre nós "Histórico")

Centro Iê Ação Cultural Zumbi dos Palmares

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