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Projeto Iê Ação Cultural
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Iê Viva meu Mestre

Boy, who is your Mestre?

Mestre Oripim

Eurides Roberto Felisberto


Mestre Pim-Pim

My thanks go to my Mestre Oripim, who taught me the first steps of Capoeira and who is at my side until today...ASÈ



Ornella - Iê Berlin

My sincere thanks for the dialogue we had with each other, in which it became claerer to me why you are such a significant person for our Mestre Pim-Pim and also for the group Iê Ação Cultural. I am very anxious to get to know you personally soon as well as to welcome you in our house in Germany. A big hug, respectfully Ornella




Claudia - Iê Berlin

I felt very happy to get to know the Mestre of my Mestre and to perceive in the relation between them the power of Capoeira in the aspect to bring the people near and that, if themselves are open, it  fortifies the ties of friendship and makes it possible to feel like a family. Thank you very much, Mestre Oripim, for to receive me so kindly in your house and that I could learn something more about Capoeira with you. I sincerely hope , that the other pupils of our group Iê Ação Cultural in Gernany also will have the chance to meet you, soon. A big hug, Claudia.



Julia - Iê Berlin

Dear Mestre Oripim, for his continuing way I wish him all the best, lot of fun and happy and fortunate encounters. Thanks to Mestre Pim Pim we can experience his way in Capoeira. We all respect him and Mestre Pim Pim a lot and try to support and understand Capoeira and and the Afro-Brazilian forms of expression. Hopefully we will meet soon. Julia


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