Centro Iê Ação Cultural Zumbi dos Palmares

Iê Ação Cultural is a project that includes several activities including permanent and rotating workshops, cultural events and exchanges, lectures and workshops. The permanent workshops are of Capoeira Angola, percussion with rhythms of popular culture and parallel activities with themes related to Afro-Brazilian culture. The rotating workshops address various cultural and artistic themes and take place in specific periods. They are aimed at the general public and students of the project.

IÊALEMBRASIL  Cultural Exchange between Brazil, Germany and Áfrika

Fundadores e diretoria da associação:

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Letícia Bellato, Mestre Pim-Pim, Thiago Thase, Mestre Marquinho, Vitor Trindade, Antônio F. de Paula Junior, Shirley Rodrigues, Márcia Maria Antonio, Elaine Teotonio, Projeto Iê Ação Cultural, Vanderlei Bastos, Contra Mestre Cristiano, Fábio Pará, Nação Sankfa Baobá, Lheo Zotto, Solange Couto.

- Musik / Percussion -

- Capoeira Angola / Kinder und Erwachnene -

Dance Workshop 

8th to 11th of May  2019

Letícia Bellato

      Cultural Diversity in Movement 

" Journey to the Quilombo"

2 nd Parents and  Children 2019

1st to 31st of May 2019


10th Festival of Cultures

1st of November to 14th of Dezember 2019